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I Hope you will enjoy anything or everything I have written about and my musings
I am pretty heavily into modifying stuff and have been for years or if I cannot modify it, actually talking about it or different discussions on it.

And I like writing reviews on gadgets and electrical products like white goods (washing machines , Tumble Dryers etc..)
and on our Current cars which are a 2016 Renault Clio Mk4 and a 2013 Renault Zoe EV

as of May 2019:
Car: Renault Clio Mk4 2016 1.2ltr 16v
(if you have any questions on the Renault Clio mk4 I will try to answer them for you)

as of July 2020:

Car: Renault Zoe EV (fully electric vehicle) 2013 22kw Q210

(if you have any questions on the Renault ZOE EV I will try to answer them for you)

I’m a finalist in the Sockies Awards!

well done Mrs for getting into the final of the Sockies 2021

Magnumlady Blog

I’m very excited today, an email arrived to tell me that I’m in the final of the Sockies 2021. For those who don’t know the Sockies are the Social Media awards in Ireland and I’m in the final for the #Love your county campaign.

If you follow me on twitter you might have seen the days I hosted to shine a spotlight on our beautiful counties, so far I’ve hosted #LoveSligo #LoveLeitrim #LoveMayo and #LoveRoscommon. I’ve also hosted a #LoveFoodIreland day and #LoveIrishArt and #LoveIrishCraft.

It was great seeing Social Media come alive with positivity and beautiful photos and it was well worth the long days and square eyes. It was also wonderful seeing a few well known people getting involved too and having some of the days trending on twitter. This tweet from Charlie Flanagan just made my day.

Being in the final of the Sockies is the icing…

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Some things I have enabled/disabled on my Renault Zoe ZE20 using DDT4ALL software

 here I would like to let others know what things I have enabled and disabled on my Renault Zoe ZE20 model:


Some things i have left after changing parameters , and some I have put back to how they were. I got my car second-hand in July 2020 and its a 2013 Renault Zoe ZE20 (22kw)

Can programme the front DRL lights to come on the same time as the headlights or extinguish when the headlights come on. Can also adjust the brightness of the front LED driving lights (by way of PWM) when the headlights are on (so say if you want the LED DRL lights to come on at 10% of their brightness when dipped beams are on)

I have configured remote lighting. So , with the ZE20 keycard now , when I press the button to open up the charging flap the dipped beam headlights will light for approximately 10 seconds (very handy if you are charging on a street charger where its dark and you want to see what you are doing – or in a dark car park and want to light up the headlights from a distance) only caveat is that because it shares the the same key on the keycard as the charging flap , you cannot select remote lighting without the flap opening , a bit annoying if you are not charging , but all you simply have to do is push the flap closed before you drive off – no biggie.

This Button on the keycard turns on Remote Lighting if you enable it in DDT4ALL:


Changed the sensitivity of the Auto headlights sensor on the windscreen so the headlights come on automatically earlier.

Turned off the ‘extra flashes’ for the indicators (you know when you flick the indicator stalk and it flashes 3 times instead of once)

Things what I would like to change , but the parameters are simply not there on my lighting ECU:
I’d like to have the rear LED tail lights (red ones) light up when front DRL LED lights are on
, not just have them on when headlights are on.

Welcome & Goodbye lighting. Again, no parameters in particular lighting ECU on my Zoe to select welcome and goodbye feature (where the headlights come on when you unlock and lock the car) some Dacia models have this feature and in some Clio mk4 and captur and megane models the settings are there for welcome and goodbye lighting feature but just not enabled.

Can turn Traction Control (ASR/ESC – anti slip regulation) off
 on the car. – Caveat is that when the ASR traction control is off you get the yellow spanner light, light up , and the traction control off message on the TFT dashboard – and seeing as there is no parameter in the cluster settings of DDT4all to turn off the ASR warning lights feature they cannot be extinguished whilst traction control is turned off.

Managed to disable hill start.

Door locking:
Can enable or Disable the 2 ‘bleeps’ the car makes
 when you walk away from car
There is a setting for Anti Hijack but I haven’t tried it yet – I think if enable one press on the key-card just the drivers door opens , if press twice then all doors open. I think that’s how it works if its enabled . I shall try enabling it one day.

Parameters I cannot find in DDT4all for door locks:
On my wife’s Renault Clio mk4 car there are parameters so that RKE is always available and I would like that feature on my Zoe. RKE stands for Remote Key Entry. On the Renault Zoe and Clio and some other Renault cars with a keycard and handsfree motoring (remote key entry and no card needed into slot to start the engine) you can keep the keycard in your pocket and unlock the car as long as the key card is in the vicinity of the car doors , very handy, you dont have to take the card out of your pocket at all to gain entry to the car …….. however if you manually press the lock button on the keycard to lock the car then you sort of break the remote key entry feature until you put the keycard in the slot of the car and start the engine and then it resets the remote entry feature . On my wife’s Renault Clio mk4 in the handsfree motoring section there is a parameter that can be changed where RKE is available at all times , even after you manually lock or unlock the car using the keycard. – however in my Zoe’s car locking section of the ECU in DDT4all the entry is not there to change. which is a shame.

Speedo cluster and warning lights:
Clock & Outside Temperature can be added to the top of the display


Odometer and Speedometer can be changed from Km/h to Mph. On Zoe’s that were produced in the UK and the speedo configured in miles and mph it is easy to swap from Mph to Km/h by using the steering wheel stalk switch and press the start button. On the Km/h models you can not switch to mph.

Language of the TFT speedo display can be changed – not sure you can any other way but you can with DTT4ALL

Things I would like to Disable on the speedo cluster:
If I were to temporarily turn off the ESC / Traction control I will get the yellow spanner warning light and the message “traction control off” – there does not seem to be a parameter in the DDT4all speedo cluster settings for the Zoe for disabling ESC warning lights – my wife has a Clio mk4 car and the ESC warning lights can be extinguished on her dash / cluster when ESC traction control is turned off.

Traction Control off Icon and Spanner light – when Traction Control (ASR/ESC) is turned off:


Radio / infotainment system:
Android Auto can be enabled using DDT4all
 (I dont think Apple car play can) My zoe has a Rlink1 radio/nav unit . As standard (well in these early Zoe’s at least) Android Auto and screen link mirroring are not enabled as standard but can be enabled with DDT4all and a specially wired/adapted OBD2 cable so it can read and write the CAN network of the radio system through the OBD2 socket of the car.
Android Auto works quite well when the rlink is modified to use Android Auto , but it is worth noting that you will have to have the data USB cable plugged into the USB socket of the r-link radio to use Android auto from the phone, so it wont work wirelessly by bluetooth . But when you do connect the phone by cable you will be able to use the apps that are designed to work with Android Auto including Spotify etc and of course google maps, and on that you can see google maps come up on your r-link large touchscreen and use it instead of the car’s built in navigation system – very cool!

Changing the Country Config Zone Settings for heating with DDT4ALL:

I done a video today on how to change the country config heating zone with DDT4ALL – I figure (but no i dont know for certain it might be all in my head) that the heater feels more efficient / hotter / quicker at heating up inside the car adjusting from ‘Zone1(mild)’ to Zone3 (there are 4 settings in the dropdown list) – I also explain about the electrical PTC heaters that supplement the heatpump system of the Renault Zoe.

I will say now i am shocking at producing video’s , I even hate listening to my own voice/accent when I listen to my voice back on the video so sorry about that , and i am not the best at explaining things, its just to give you an idea about the settings . anyway here goes:

Changing the boot up logo on the R-Link radio:

This one is a bit ‘fisher price’ toy’ish looking but apparently if you have one of those SMART cars made by Daimler it has the same r-link infotainment / satnav as the TomTom one in the Renault Zoe….



Then there is this other display that is ‘neutral’ (TomTom standard interface) a sort of plain Black background with white and coloured icons … I have left mine like this now , i really like it – looks nice and clean the interface …



There are most probably other things I have found/adjusted with DDT4ALL on my Renault Zoe but that’s about it for now , that springs to mind what I have adjusted and fiddled with since I have had my Zoe. If there is anything else that springs to mind or if i find anything else out I will updated this post accordingly.

feel free to ask me any questions if there is something you are intrigued about . If you are going to attempt to use DDT4ALL please be very careful! doing something wrong in DDT4all can break your car and/or corrupt the ECU’s and getting them re-programmed or replaced will not be cheap! – might even have to have the car flat-bedded to the Renault garage as well if you cannot get your car to start after programming or get it charged! – you really need some technical knowledge as to what you are doing, if you cannot even change the time on your LED alarm clock messing around with DDT4all on your car is most probably not for you LOL – even sometimes if your in the middle of programming and the car switches off or you have a dodgy usb connection or Bluetooth connection or if your laptop runs out of power or shuts down through programming you could corrupt the ECU’s in your car. So it can be a dangerous and frightening programme to use .. but on the other hand you can maybe enable something you might like which was not enabled when it left the garage – just have a plan B in place , just in case it breaks something on your Zoe – Use it at your own risk. No-one is standing there with a gun pointing to your head making you use DDT4ALL on your car LOL 

If you found the DDT4all program useful, although its free to download from various places on the Internet, you could show your appreciation to the French developer of the DDT4ALL program Cedric Paille through paypal who has developed it that would be nice. – You can find him on GitHub here: Donate to Cedric the Developer of DDT4ALL


Thank you for reading all of this, I get pleasure from sharing these tips with people and i hope it has been of interest or help to people who are interested in this kind of thing in general.
– Good luck,

Changing Language on Renault Zoe ZE20 Dashboard:

Here I show you how to change the language of the Dashboard on a Renault Zoe ZE20 Phase 1 ZOE (if you have the settings show up when changing pages with the computer buttons on the end of the wiper stalk – if your Zoe does not have this feature then it can be added with a mod)

This example changing the TFT display to the French Language:

Thanks for watching

Failure of 20w LED Light Bulb

Make: Linx
Wattage: 20watt
Cap: BC (bayonet cap)
Voltage: 230v AC
Lumens: 1750Lm
Colour: 3000k (warm white)
Price: around €6
Bought: Jimmy’s superstore Carrick-on- Shannon
(but available in loads of Discount stores)

only had this LED bulb for about 3 months and its failed already just flashed on and off a couple of times and then stopped lighting altogether – split open the bulb and this looks like black scorch marks on the LED chips on the board – so I don’t know if it is this caused it to fail or some other component (diodes / capacitor etc)

My Review of e-star 32″ LED SMART TV

Bought from Harvey Norman – €189.99*
Spotted on DID Electrical website – €219.99*
RRP – €249.99* (on DID Electrical Website)
(*prices listed at time of writing this blog 09/08/2021)

Good for: Bedroom / Kitchen / Second Lounge

I bought this LED TV the other day from Harvey Norman electrical store – it seems a pretty good TV . So light to lift you would wonder if there is anything at all inside the box!

Good picture – Double Check this though if you want a Full HD 1080p TV this one is not for you , even though it says on the front of the box ‘HD’ its not its HD Ready at 720p (I can never tell the difference anyway when I look at 720p and 1080p anyway both look the same with my eyesight) but they really should have put ‘HD Ready’ on the front of the box instead of just HD – anyway that aside , couple of things – you cannot seem to change the resolution on HDMI connection from 720p to 720i to 576i which means with progressive signal some things moving across the screen (say as scrolling ticker at bottom of sky news) will be a bit blocky and stutter as it moves along the screen – however maybe with the set top box you can select 720i or 576i and sort that.

I changed the time zone to Dublin Ireland and later on it went back to eastern european time zone … so I changed it in setting to ‘London’ and again it reset itself to eastern European. Maybe some kind of bug but if you use PVR functionality and a timer it maybe could cause problems?

This Tv runs on Android verson 9 which is pretty decent version. You will not get the full list of apps from the Play store and i cannot even seem to install google chrome browser on it, so you have a plain browser or I did see an icon for Firefox browser too.
The processor in it seems to be a MTK processor and at 4 core – not brilliant but it might be OK for running most – and it has a Mali graphics chip in it.

the Storage is absolutely pitiful amount, something like 8gb to store apps and I think only 1gb RAM – in fact after you have set up the TV and go into a preinstalled ‘cleanup app’ without you loading any more apps you are greeted with the message ‘ this not got much space left’ – and from what I can see the pre-installed apps and bloatware cannot be uninstalled, only user apps can be uninstalled.

I tried to set up SAORVIEW – theoretically should install OK because it has a DVB-T2 tuner in it shouldnt it? – but I havent got a decent area yet. The strangest thing is that when I went to set up DVB-T2 for Saorview it said country … and there was only 1 country listed in the settings and that was Lithuania .. no other countries to select like Ireland or UK, which I thought was strange .

The TV also seems like it would get the free channels what you can get from a satellite dish pointing to ASTRA satellite or other satellite which is digital DVB-S I think , although I didnt have a spare connection on my satellite LNB so I could not try it.
Have not tried PVR on it yet – have downloaded RTE Player from the app store and it played RTE player perfectly .

is serviced pretty good on the back with connections. 3 HDMI , 2 USB , 1 SCART, VGA input and the TV has a earphone out socket.
You can adjust audio for music/news/film and user settings of bass and treble but dont expect any great sound from the built in speakers – the sound lacks any bass whatsoever – hook the TV up by earphone to a set of PC speakers with a separate Bass/Woofer speaker (2.1) and the sound will come to life. You could also get a TV soundbar as well that would improve sound greatly.

The TV has great wireless functionality it has built in wireless wi-fi as well as bluetooth connectivity … yes Bluetooth and internal wi-fi included at this price!

Summary : its not a lot of money to pay for a 32″ LED television let alone one with smart features and internet and android built in so don’t expect it to phenomenal but for the price its a very very good television with loads of features for the price.

Warranty: Harvey Norman sales person said the TV comes with 2 Years Warranty. Hang on to the receipt and they said they just do a straight swap with another unit.

Good Points:
Good Clear Pictures
Play Store APPs
Android 9.0
Built in WiFi & Bluetooth
well laid out remote
Very light (easy to hang)
Presets for sound & Picture settings

Not so Good Points:
Only 720p HD not Full HD
Not much built in storage
Pre-Installed apps cannot be uninstalled
A bit ‘Laggy’ when selecting items
Cannot adjust resolution
Clunky Settings Menu
poor sound from speaker(s)
Cheaply made plastic stand legs
Red standby light is bright
(say if you have it on in bedroom at night)


The Remote Control
What the TV Launcher Screen looks like – you navigate with the arrow buttons on the remote
The plain , but functional Media Centre – you can view video’s and photos off a memory stick
or inbuilt TV storage
There is an inbuilt TV Assistant app that allows you to clean up app cache files and uninstall (user) downloaded Apps

No way of seeing what this ‘Other’ files are that I can see and no way of jumping in looking what is in there and seeing if any of the files can be safely deleted or not

So, 8GB Storage built into the TV and 6.01GB is used with (well I don’t know what really) of course I understand the android system has to take up space and the apps – but the worrying thing is this amount of purple ‘other’ whatever that is (using up a whopping 4.35GB of space)

The TV has a Built in YouTube APP
… and a Netflix APP
All your APPS Conveniently in one place

Hints, Tips & Fixes for this TV:
(some things that might help if you are having problems – keep calling back I hope to add more as I come across faults / tips etc)

Fault?: This has happened a few times to me already since buying, maybe some downloaded app it does not like or something, but the TV will go into a ‘loop’ kind of situation , especially when in the TV launcher mode, it just keeps turning on and off in a loop – if this happens or there is another kind of malfunction with the TV try this:
Keep your finger pressed on the red standby button standby button on the remote control for over 12seconds until you (hopefully) get a message saying ‘TV shutting down’ – this seems to shut off the screen and then reboots (soft reboot?) to a screen you got when you first plugged in the TV when you got it , however it seems it does not delete any settings you have made with the TV such as TV channels you have added or APPs you have added or personalized settings , it just seems to reboot and be OK and sort out the problem. – I suppose maybe even unplugging the TV from the wall when it suffers from this fault may do the same thing. – but it does save taking the TV back to the place of purchase or sending it away for repair should this happen.

Tip: – There is an on screen mouse you can use and use the arrow buttons on the remote to move around the screen on the inbuilt web browser, this becomes tedious though over a time and especially when typing with the onscreen QWERTY keyboard and I have found you can plug an optical USB mouse (any cheap one will do) into one of the USB sockets at the rear of the TV and use that instead , much better. I am presuming (although I have not tried this yet) that you could also attach a mini USB PC keyboard to the other spare USB socket on the back and then type directly from that, again much more handier.

Observation: – when recording to USB stick or hard disk drive storage you have to keep the television on to allow it to record the program. If you try to put TV into Standby mode the onscreen message will say ‘do you want to cancel the recording’. whilst recording a TV channel you cannot watch another channel , nor use the internet or media centre.

Tip: on Harvey Norman website it says the TV is not Freeview compatible. – I have had the Irish SAORVIEW free to air terrestrial channels working perfectly on this TV using just a pair of ‘Rabbit Ears’ aerial and plugged into the DVB-T socket on the back. The picture is lovely and the programmes can be recorded and the time-shift works also as well as the EPG for the Irish SAORVIEW. – Freeview is the UK equivalent of SAORVIEW and I am almost sure that SAORVIEW & UK FREEVIEW HD use the same specs now these days (DVB-T2) so I am not 100% but I think it might work with the UK Freeview. I even think that if you were on the border or near it in the Republic of Ireland and had an external aerial and it was pointing to a Northern Ireland FREEVIEW HD transmitter you more than likely would be able to pick up the UK FREEVIEW TV service with this model television. – This TV maybe isn’t on the list of approved SAORVIEW devices but it does seem to work absolutely fine with SAORVIEW (the Irish Free to view / free to air Digital Terrestrial broadcasting service)

Fault?: – the Time-Zone in the settings keep reverting to Eastern-Europe Summer Time +3 Hours even though I have set ‘Dublin +1.00hrs’ it just seems to keep changing back to eastern european time zones , seems like some kind of bug, and this mucks up the EPG times and more than likely the times of the recordings . At the moment I am trying a work-around of turning off the ‘Auto attach’ and seeing if that helps

Tip: you can only use the time-shift and record feature when you have an external USB stick or External Hard Disk Drive plugged into the USB socket on the rear of the television – also you can only record or time-shift TV channels from DVB-T (terrestrial channels) & DVB-S (free to air satellite) and as far as I know not from analog UHF stations or devices plugged in by HDMI leads or connected to PC’s (by VGA socket).

observation: – I have added FreeSat channels to the TV, however there does not seem to be an easy way now (that I can see) that you can change between DVB-T (freeview/Saorview terrestial) and DVB-S (FreeSat) channels , not even a dedicated button on the remote , nor even on the ‘source’ button on the remote.
So it looks like that the only way you can switch from DVB-T and DVB-S channels is to go in a long winded way of going into the menu and going to channels settings and select either ‘air’ for terrestrial or ‘satellite’ for freesat channels. If anyone knows of a more convenient way can you let me know in the comments section please.

Warranty or Repair services:
Ask the shop where you bought it from what the warranty is for the TV – Harvey Norman said that it had a 2 year warranty, just bring it back to the store and they will exchange it .

e-star technical support:
website: https://www.estar.eu/
email: info@mobilecenter.lt
facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/eSTAR.eu (link broken)

ROI & NI Service Centre: Craigavon TV Service Centre, Craigavon, Northern Ireland, UK.
 028 3832 6119 (Northern Ireland)
 Freephone 1800 855 589 (Republic of Ireland)
email: repairs@craigavon.tv

If you have read this post and like it or have any comments at all please leave a comment in the box below.

These are my views only – some information may be incorrect but I have tried to be as accurate as I can with the information on features and settings and specifications.
All trademarks mentioned in this blog belong to their corresponding owners.

Remote Activation service of Android Auto on Renault r-link radio system (found in Clio, Zoe, Captur, Kangoo, Traffic)

I can offer (donations gratefully received 🙂 ) to install Android Auto onto your rlink radio in your Renault Car / Van (Clio, Captur, Zoe, Kangoo, Traffic, etc) remotely wherever you happen to be located. with Android Auto when used with your Android Mobile phone (plugged in by USB cable) you can see apps such as Google Maps / Waze and other (android auto compatible) apps sow up on the large screen of your Rlink infotainment system .

The Rlink (sometimes referred to as TomTom Navigation) infotainment system is capable of using android Auto but in many of the Renault Car’s and Van’s by default it is disabled by the manufacturer for some reason. – Its true to say sometimes when it is enabled it can be a little laggy and miss some of the on screen touches (maybe that’s why it wasn’t enabled as standard?) but apart from that it works quite well

Once Android auto is enabled and if you are using Google Maps you will hear the ‘turn by turn’ navigation instructions from google maps come through the radio speakers which is handy. – If you have a spotify account that works with Android Auto too

What is needed:
Windows 10 laptop (windows 7 should work too) – Bluetooth needed if using a Bluetooth OBD2 adaptor

You must be able to get Internet on your Laptop in your car during the Programming/modding session

Your Renault Car or Van must be equipped with the R-link1 radio system – how to tell?
The r-link 1 has a 7″ touch screen with a rotary Volume Switch over to the right of it and a ‘home’ button and silver scroll button and a SD Card and Line in and USB down by the Cigarette Lighter Socket


You must have An obd2 ELM327 Diagnostic adaptor (Bluetooth or USB – not Wi-Fi adaptor) like the one in the picture. Recommendation – the adaptor should have a PIC18F25K80 chip in it and try and avoid cheap chinese knock off OBD2 adaptors

You must rewire this adaptor as in this wiring diagram or get a OBD2 fly lead and wire it up as shown, so the rlink radio can be read through the car’s OBD2 diagnostics socket. If you are no good at soldering or wiring it up see if you can get someone to do it for you or search for one already wired up/adapted.


You must be available/around in your car during programming . Programming / modding adding android auto could take up to an hour in total.

You must agree to let me ‘take over’ your Laptop on a remote session . You will see me moving your mouse cursor around the laptop screen and downloading files onto your Laptop to programme / enable Android Auto on your r-link radio.


I can perform this whatever country you are in but just bear in mind the operating hours will be between 2pm – 6pm weekdays GMT/IST (London Dublin time zone)

If you wish to know more – drop me a line on Messenger at Facebook:

Wiring up an OBD2 Splitter Cable to read and make modifications to a Renault r-link Radio

To read/write parameters to adjust hidden settings on a Renault r-link radio (Clio mk4 with rlink, Zoe with rlink, Captur etc) through the CAN network OBD2 socket it is necessary to do some rewiring/soldering of some kind either to the pins of the ELM327 OBD2 adaptor or a OBD2 fly lead / Splitter cable (maybe even possibly a ELS27 OBD adaptor will read through the OBD2 sockets without modification or soldering but I have not tried it personally) its needed to read the r-link radio through the OBD2 socket of the car (and you need to download DDT4ALL to change the parameters of the r-link radio , for example add Android Auto and change other radio settings)

so I went down the road of getting a OBD2 splitter cable myself and adjust the wiring so I could read the r-link through the OBD2 socket.
I bought one of these splitter cables from Amazon:

So , this is how I wired mine up .. yes its shoddy, never got around to soldering it . So I removed a piece of insulation of the required wires to ‘short out’ but not actually cut the cable , just the out insulation – then with 2 pieces of thin gauge wire (the white wires) I wrapped them around the cables on the splitter cable wires.

you cannot see it very good in the photos the way I have done it but here they are :

So we want to short out the wires:
Pin’s 12 (orange) with 14 (green) and then short (on the top row) pins 6 (green) with 13 (yellow)

So then that should work OK and when you plug the OBD2 ELM into the splitter then next time you open up DDT4ALL and then search with the magnifying glass a little ‘tink’ noise should come out of the radio speakers if its wired up correctly and reading the multimedia through the CAN OBD2 socket. Its more than likely that with the magnifying glass in the list of found ECU’s (to the left of the screen) that ‘Radio2012’ will be in the list of ECU’s but if its Android Auto that you want to enable on r-link you need to manually select ‘MFD 5.4’ ECU from the Navigation section then make ‘present’ for android auto feature and then press the home button on the r-link (to the right of the touchscreen) about 5 times until the r-link radio reboots , after it has rebooted then when you plug in an Android phone (by USB cable) the sign should come up on the screen ‘do you want to use android auto?’ … and that its , hopefully it all goes smoothly for you. Good luck.

be careful wiring up and shorting out pins for modifications , there is 12v electricity present at the OBD2 CAN socket in your car
and if you wire up the lead incorrectly or it shorts out then it can damage your car’s electrical system or short and risk of fire. – If you are not good with electronics or soldering then it is best to get someone qualified to make the required modifications to the lead

Changing settings on your car with DDT4ALL always carries risks , you can break your car or its electronic control units or ‘brick’ your r-link radio system the risk is always there – so just be aware before you start using DDT4ALL, there is a possibility that something goes wrong during using DDT4ALL or that you change a important setting and then the radio will stop working and you may have to get it replaced which will not be cheap. DO ALL MODIFICATIONS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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How to Change Language Settings on a Renault Zoe dashboard …

here is a video on how to change the language on a Renault Zoe (ZE20 / ZE40) EV dashboard from English to French and back again using DDT4ALL Diagnostics program and an OBDII ELM327 Adaptor.


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Changing infotainment MMI settings on Zoe ZE50 EV with DDT4ALL ….

  • Most of you who follow my blogs will know that I like using DDT4ALL to enable and disable the ECU’s on Renault cars , its becoming in the middle of a hobby and obsession at this stage for me – a bit of adrenaline rush as well…. will the modifications work and allow more things on the car than when it left the factory?

… will you be able to configure the car to operate the way you want it and not be forced to just use what the car had left its factory to use? ….. will you end up breaking the car and having to have its ECU’s reprogrammed , or replaced and recoded by renault? .. (the last one i most definitely dont ever want to happen of course!) – but it does get the adrenaline going and the heart pumping as your making these changes when hacking or programming the ECU’s on the car thats for sure … its such a dangerous programme to use in some cases, and you really need a plan B just in case something goes wrong … (and have the money to put it right)

that aside I have been looking at the ECU’s for the Phase 2 Renault Zoe and amazed (if it works) the amount of settings that are available to change in the phase 2 Zoe’s compared to what I can change on my current Renault Zoe (which is a 2013 Q210 1st edition zoe)

So, as I write this I will give an example – if for example when I am doing a search in DDT4ALL and it comes up with a ECU for the navigation of ‘A-IVI version 2.3’ say here are the things that interest me most and I will try to decipher what the parameters mean (I am not 100% up on it so don’t take what I say as gospel or that I have even got it right but here goes) ….

first off to read the MMI /HMI / Multimedia / easy connect radio system or whatever you want to call it you might find that the MMI reads through CAN2 or CAN-HI through the OBD2 ELM327 socket (the socket on the ZE50 is up above the Accelerator pedal on the ZE50 (RHD Zoe’s) – and to read CAN2 you need to rewire a ELM327 by shorting out some pins on the ELM327 OBD Adaptor/dongle or make up a special OBD2 adaptor lead with the wires shorted out. This is what you have to do when trying to read an R-LINK radio system on the earlier ZE20 & ZE40 Zoe’s and I presume you may have to do this too to read the easylink connect system on a ZE50 too .
This site has the wiring diagrams of what pins you need to short out to read the multimedia through the CAN OBDII socket if you scroll down the page:

DDT4ALL Software is free to download & use but please consider a donation to the producer of DDT4ALL Cedric

OK – onto the settings now on the ‘A-IVI version 2.3’ ECU (if that’s what ECU shows up after searching for ECU’s in the car with the DDT4ALL ‘magnifying glass’ icon) …



Camera Connection config:

Camera Connection – there are 4 settings available in this. CVBS, Ethernet, LVDS and ‘without’ CVBS normally means composite video (analogue) ethernet would be hard wired data cable, I cannot remember what LVDS stands for.

Camera System – AVM PH3, Entry AVM, MVC, None, Rear Camera –

Anticipatory Line – ‘Disabled’ or ‘Enabled’ – i am presuming maybe some kind of graphical line over the video maybe?

Sonar AVM – ?

Sonar Type – Well i am presuming Sonar is for the parking sensors – there are FR+RR (which i presume is front and rear sensors) and then there is a RR Sonar (which is just rear sensors only)

Sonar Menu – I presume different menu’s you can choose for the UPA sensors (universal parking assist / parking sensors)

Sonar switch display – ‘on’ or ‘off’ – maybe if you want a switch to be displayed on screen?

Sonar system availability – ‘available’ and ‘not available’

Sonar sound – ‘off’ or ‘on’

Sonar Display – ‘on’ or ‘off’

Sonar Vehicle image – various settings for van hatchback SUV etc – I dont know if this throws up an image on screen or if its just to tell the Sonar system what kind of vehicle it is?

RVC lens parameter – many settings to choose from including Panasonic a Sony , so maybe its just for setting which makers camera system is fitted to the vehicle?

Sonar FKP – nope haven’t got a clue about this one but parameters are ‘off’ or ‘on’

Guideline Style – I presume this is to set the different guidelines for different vehicles on the reverse camera – vehicles included in the parameters are Mitsubishi, Nissan and Renault and ‘not defined’

Camera Brightness Day & Night – I presume you can configure the percentage of the brightness of the camera for day or night?


ECO_Route – you can add/ change vehicle type here (if you wanted to) and specify what engine size (including EV’s )

HMI Multimedia Config:

Now this looks a very interesting one to muck about with if you want it customised just how you want it – HMI stands for multimedia interface / screen – here goes:

Config 4WD HMI – well i am presuming you change parameters in this depending if you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle and it might show extra graphics and info up on screen

Config audio speakers – ‘front speaker only’ or ‘front and rear speakers’ fitted

Config edit Home – ‘2pages’ or ‘3 pages’ – maybe you can configure how many pages the homescreen has?

Config Date Display – I presume if you want the Date to show up on the screen or not – you can configure numeric date , or text date , or not to have date showing at all

Config Home – with menu button or without menu button

Config RVC (reverse camera) dynamic lines – thats the guidelines that move on screen as you reverse to guide you – you can have them show or not.

Config SPVR – well SPVR stands for voice recognition (maybe tied to the steering wheel button for voice recognition) – you can choose absent or present

Config VehicleMode – you can choose your car in this list – ICE (for petrol or diesel) , HEV (for hybrid EV) or all electric – maybe it has a different bearing on displays and menus etc ?

Display format – you can choose Portrait (upright) or Landscape (horizontal screen type)

Volume Popup position – it looks like you can choose the volume popup graphic to show either top or bottom of the screen

Welcome Sequence – interesting! , looks like you can have up to 11 different welcome sequence as you first get into the car or choose no welcome sequence?

ADAS (driver assistance aid) AEB – I think AEB stands for advanced Emergency Braking , in which case I think its an intelligent system using the radars on the front of the car to stop if you are getting to close to vehicle in front – what this has to do with HMI display I am not too sure, maybe it just adds a line in the menu to turn AEB on or off ?

ADAS BSW – BSW stands for blind spot warning – maybe this adds a line in the menu onscreen to turn BSW feature on or off? (appropriate hardware needed for BSW)

ADAS UPA Audio & visual – well UPA stands for ultrasonic park assist , so maybe these settings to enable or disable these to be shown on the screen or the UPA to be setup on the screen menu

ADAS UPA Mute – i presume you can set how many (seconds) you can choose until the UPA (parking assist / reverse sensors ) beep for before they shut up!

Config AHL – AHL stands for auto Headlight I think (or it could be auto high low beam or even Automatically headlight levelling … sorry I am not sure) , so maybe adds a line on screen where you can enable or disable the AHL feature?

Config autolockup – i think it will add a line onscreen for you to turn on auto lock up the doors at speed , IE they lock automatically when you drive off

Config Flashers volume – maybe adds a line to HMI screen to enable volume of indicators (you know the tick tick tick) when you put the indicators on inside the car?

Config Front wiper drop – this may add a line (or take away the setting) of front wiper drop (this is when you clean your windscreen and then its does another 2 or 3 more wipes of the windscreen afterwards)

Handfree lock / unlock – this more than likely adds a line to the display to turn on or off hands free locking / unlocking feature of the car?

Config mirrors folding – this more than likely adds a setting onscreen to config the folding door mirrors (but of course the car must have this feature – and also the required motor to fold the door mirrors in and out!) – you may have to change another setting of another ECU say the BCM / UCH ECU to enable it as well

Config motorway flashers – I presume adds a line that you can turn on or off the changing lane indicators that flash 3 times ?

Config single door opening – this could add a line to display menu for just opening drivers door only instead of all doors on hadsfree entry to the car

Config WAC buzzer – WAC means walk away config , this is the bleeps your car makes as it flashes the flashers as you – presumably this adds a setting in the menu where you can enable or disable the sound of the beeps

Config WGS – WGS stands for Welcome / Goodbye system . As you unlock car or lock car the headlights will stay on for around 20seconds (some Dacia models like the Duster have this system) – this may add a line to the onscreen menu to turn WGS on or off?

Config ambient Lighting – if your car has the ambiant lighting LED lights with this enabled you should be able to configure it through the display.

config ECO mode – once enabled can see ECO features on the display? – maybe ECO guides and the ECO leaf to see how good you are driving?

Config AQS Clim – AQS stands for air quality system – once this is enabled maybe it will allow you to see histogram graphic of air quality (maybe inside cabin or outside air) I presume your vehicle will need to be fitted with the correct sensors to work

Config Clim – I presume if disabled you will not get any feedback through the screen when you adjust the climate control settings in your car

Config heating steering wheel – if you have a heated steering wheel this should be set to enabled

Config heated ventilated seats – settings are heated seats with ventilation or just heated seats on their own

Config magic folding – is to do with folding seats

Config seat massage – enable or disable (should only imagine it lets you configure it on the display only , and only if you have the feature in the first place)

Config TPMS MMI – TPMS is Tyre Pressure management System , and TPW is Tyre Pressure warning – i should imagine when these are enabled it shows up on the screen if problem with a flat tyre or puncture – and when disabled then no message

Config AQS Histogram – Air Quality system – shows bar graph of air quality (should imagine your car will have to have air quality sensors fitted for this to work)

Config EnergyInfo – I am thinking this could enable energy graphics up on the display if its enabled – maybe the energy flow feature on EV’s such as the Zoe?

Config Flow PHEV Activation – or maybe this could enable the energy flow onscreen display for the Zoe ??

HMD – head Middle Display – but i dont know what it really does

CGF Flow EV Activation – maybe this is the one that needs to be activated on the Zoe to get the flow graphic display on the screen that many are missing???


Config HMI Temp precon – this could be for enabling or disabling precon on the screen – precon is where you can either heat or cool the cabin remotely away from the car

Config blower setting – more than likely allows you to set the fan blower for the heating / cooling inside the car

Config messaging – maybe to enable SMS messaging through the infotainment system

Config video – more than likely configure video to show on infotainment system

Config animation – most probably enable or disable animations on the HMI display

MEX – stands for Renault Multi-sense – a choice between driving modes (depending on vehicle) – loads can be changed on these pages to do with modes like eco mode / race etc and ambient lighting and sounds like engine sounds.


Max volume startup – i presume with this you can adjust the volume of the infotainment system when it starts

ECALL Volume – ECALL is emergency call

Welcome sequence volume – to adjust the volume of the welcome sequence on the car

UPA gain – maybe to increase the bleeps from the ultrasonic parking sensors when reversing

ADAS LDW – configure lane Departure Warning sound

Loudness – to set loudness for low volume settings

Synth voice tonality bass – it must adjust the bass for the voice recognition feedback?

Cluster Sound Level – you must be able to change the volume level coming from the cluster dash sounds

Restrictions – the restrictions most probably mean you can enable or disable restrictions for certain things whilst you are driving , for safety reasons. – certain countries may have a lot of these settings disabled by law.


Touch screen config – config which infotainment is fitted to your vehicle – most probably best to leave alone

TTS – stands for ‘Text to Speech’

VR / SPVR – = Voice Recognition

AM tuner activation – you more than likely would want to leave it as disabled , so you just have FM and DAB

DAB – leave enabled if your car has DAB

Android auto – more than likely enabled as standard

Wireless android auto function – should be able to use android auto wirelessly when enabled (android phone has to have Android version 11 on it i think)

Car Play – Apple car play feature – more than likely be enabled by default

SIRI – apple voice control (more than likely through button on steering wheel)

Bluetooth function – should be left enabled

WiFi function – leave enabled more than likely (802.11)

Wifi 5G support – presumably if you disable this , it will fall back to slower wifi … but mind you , maybe some areas with sketchy wifi signals it might mean a difference in connecting to a signal or not connecting?

Brand – you can choose different makes of cars in this menu (Renault / daimler / Nissan and more) – more than likely if you change it , it will change the startup logo as the infotainment starts up when you get into car , or change the interfaces of the infotainment system.

Car Type – again this could change things like startup logo or interface – GT or RS ans well as normal can be selected

Energy Information – may just well get the energy info working on EV’s such as Zoe , if its not enabled already … who knows?

Opening Animation – this could change the startup logo as well when the infotainment first turns on ?

Show clock – if enabled then clock should show on infotainment screen – if disabled then not

AUX – config whether to have AUX socket working or not

Default language – you can choose your language , interestingly there is a English_UK language in there , just in case your display is using English_US !

Eco Score display – I think this adds an eco score to the section in the display , possibly as well maybe to check scores with other users too!

Ext Temp Display – To show or not to show the outside temperature on the screen

Map Zoom – by touchscreen or encoder … whatever that is!

Minimize unpaved road – ‘enable or disable’

Off road information – enable or disabled

FOTA Bearer – stands for free over the air updates

Massage Behaviour in power state – interesting this one, maybe you can have massaging seats as your charging your EV LOL

ESE activation – maybe with this enabled you can get Engine sound coming through the speakers?

Tweeter setup – set whether car has front or rear tweeter speakers or enable all

ANC activation – think this is for Active Noise Cancelling activation

ESE – stands for engine sound through the cars speakers

MEX skin – change the skins for renault multi-sense features

TPMS – a bit conflicting this because TPMS stands for for Tyre Pressure Monitor System but then it says ‘timer pre air conditioning’ – so i dunno …

ECO function – to enable the Eco function in the infotainment

Clock 12/24 – change to am/pm or 24hr clock

Fuel consumption unit – km/100 UK and English MPG (if you have an ICE car)

Temperature units – ‘Celsius or ‘F

interesting settings to change EV configurations

Charge station find – would be interesting to see if this works or how it works

Low bat ALT – reckon this is to warn when low bat charge on the vehicle (ALT = Alert?)

EV real time energy / flow display – could this be the elusive flow energy graphic what the earlier Zoe’s had but is not always found on the ZE50? – who knows? – maybe it needs an update from Renault too get it showing???

Power consumption information

Timer charging – timer setting facility through the screen

VR /SPVR – voice recognition

Destination – you can select different countries I dunno what it means though or does

External CD drive – enabled or disabled .. (CD drives are so yesterday! 😀 )

Inductive charger – should imagine for charging your mobile phone, if you dont like the feature or it keeps playing up ( ‘remove metal from area message’) i suppose you can disable it.

Media player – ‘auto’ or ‘with’ or ‘without’

TCU – = Telecommunications unit – ecall = emergency call after crash

Transmission type – AT = automatic transmission

ADAS stands for advanced driver assistance – basically smart features take over your driving

IPA/HFP – HFP = handsfree parking …. not sure what IPA means (intelligent parking?)

Remote park function – interesting! – wonder if it means you can get out of the car and remotely park it! – cool!

Traffic sign recognition – spots the traffic signs like speed signs and roadwork signs and camera’s (think you need extra hardware like a video camera in the front windscreen for this to work fully)

Maximum motor output power – configure what motor is fitted to your vehicle ’80’ or ‘110’ or ‘180’ (I presume bhp)

Motor max regen power – maybe you can change regen ? – only 2 settings though ’35’ or ’40’

Smart Charging – I dunno ???

EV HVAC – well HVAC is heating and ventilation /air conditioning

TPMS – tyre pressure monitoring you can even stop it showing on display by setting to off (if its OK with law in your country)

Reverse Camera parking configurations

Camera trunk behaviour – if boot lid open you can choose black screen or warning message to come up on display

Camera image mirror – you can rotate or flip camera image (if that what you desire!)

Vehicle speed too high – I presume you can set kmh before you get warning if you are reversing too fast ?

Camera picture black level – adjust the black level of the cameral display


IMPORTANT STEP: whenever you make any changes on the HMI touchscreen display with DDT4ALL to accept the changes you will have to reset the HMI – on older R-LINK displays (on Zoe ZE22kw & ZE40) you done this by pressing the ‘home’ button about 5 times to reboot it – I think (but cannot be sure because I don’t actually own a Zoe ZE50) you can do the same with the ZE50 easy connect radio navigation system and it will reboot this way . On the ZE22kw / ZE40 you could also pull the fuse in the glove compartment fuse box to reboot the R-LINK radio … you may be able to do that in the ZE50 as well … but have your Radio Code to hand just in case you need it on putting the radio fuse back in , you shouldn’t need to put in a code but just in case.

OK so that’s it for the configuration of the HMI display (infotainment touch screen display) for the Zoe ph2 – quite a lot of settings in there. Most things would have been enabled or disabled as it left the factory or to conform for the law of your particular country or may have been experimental things and not worked properly so left disabled.

A few things to note here:

The ECU I have chosen in this blog is ‘A-IVI version 2.3 ‘ from the DDT database … it may turn out you dont have that ECU fitted on your particular car … it may even turn out you actually have the ECU , but not that particular version of version 2.3 (I dont know if renault can just update the version on your car to 2.3 , or if they have to replace the ECU with version 2.3 if you want to see all those settings) either way it sounds like its going to cost you for them to update your current ECU or replace it, especially if the car is working as it should with no faults – so if you dont see all these settings if you do decide to link up your Zoe ph2 it may just mean you have not got the latest ECU or version number.

This post is for educational purposes only (unless you feel brave and know the consequences that something may break and you end up with a dead (bricked) infotainment system or even car AS WITH EVERY TIME YOU USE DDT4ALL YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!ALWAYS MAKE A NOTE OF YOUR ORIGINAL SETTINGS BEFORE YOU START CHANGING ANYTHING


if something gets broken remember I never forced you to hook up your car and start messing around with your car’s configuration settings LOL – you are on your own! …. saying that , if you do muck up something and cannot remedy it you could flatbed your car to a Renault main dealer garage and although it will cost you dearly , I dare say they will put it right for you

Changing settings of anything on your car – enabling or disabling (take for example disabling TPMS) may break the laws of your country take that into account – also take into account that some settings may have been enabled or disabled for your safety whilst driving – once you change something you may put you, your passengers or other road users and pedestrians in danger .

I have never had or not likely to ever get a ZE50 (not at over €30.000 Euro for one!) I just never have that kind of dispensable kind of money! – and don’t think I ever will. I dream of course of winning the lottery as much as the next person but i don’t think it will ever happen as much as I wish LOL and that’s the only way I could ever think of getting a Zoe ZE50 – so being very honest I haven’t got a clue if any of these things will work or what wont work , or if any of these settings will work at all (there are some reports of newer Renault cars like the Clio Mk5 and New Renault Zoe are behind some kind of firewall or the diagnostics port is blocked to stop any modification to the parameters) so sorry about that if I have led you on a wild goose chase!I wish I could say for certain that these settings work or not on a ZE50


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My review of a Tesco 2TTB20 2 slice Toaster …

Reviewed 19th MAY 2021

I bought this Toaster today in an Irish Tesco Supermarket for €19.99 a Tesco own brand 2 slice toaster , Model Number 2TTB20.
It comes in Black with a wavy vertical design on its front plastic cover which is cool to the touch when the toaster is operating

The slots are very nice and wide and can handle thickly cut bread with no problem , and there are ‘stays’ that will hold the item being toasted with no problem so that the item will be held flat and toasted perfectly.

when you pull the lever down the bread goes nicely all the way into the toaster so you wont get toasted bottom half and untoasted top half . The toaster also features a ‘High Lift’ setting as well – its well to note also that when the toast is ready the spring will pop up the toast but does it quietly enough and wont be so powerful that the toast pops right out and falls behind the toaster like some Toasters do with a strong popup!!
UPDATE: This Toaster seems to toast one side of the bread more than the other (not saying other toasters don’t do this, maybe some do) but say you have the dial set to browning level 5 , the side (facing the inner element) is toasted well , but the side facing the outer element is still toasted but a lot lighter.

Expect a funny smell of plastic when you first buy the toaster and use it for the first time , and maybe a funny aftertaste of the first few slices of toast you make , its completely normal and should only last for a week at the most.

The side of the toaster is very nice , it has chrome accents to its design which gives the toaster a more premium expensive look than it costs . You have your normal features you get on nearly every other toaster on the market these days , A cancel button (that lights up a nice blue colour when the toaster is doing its thing) – under that you have the normal reheat button (toast gone cold? – just pull down the lever again and press the reheat button and it will warm up the toast again , without burning it).
Under that you have a button for defrosting bread that has come out of the freezer

you have a ‘brown level’ dial from 1-6 (1 being a lighter piece of toast and faster and 6 being nearly burnt I would hazard a guess) .
and then you have your standard lever that pulls down the toast – and the lever has a high lift feature which means if you have a small piece of bread inside the toaster you wont have to fish it out, just lift the lever up further to the top

Here is the Tesco 2TTB20 underneath carriage – not very exciting granted , but it has got a handy tray to catch all those crumbs and it pulls out for easy cleaning , and you can route the mains cable underneath to keep things tidy – disappointingly there are only 2 non slip rubber feet they have added to the toaster instead of 4 so it does mean the toaster slides on the worktop as you use it this way – what an under sight in the design/manufacture or was it just penny pinching?

Easily remedied I had a pack of these self adhesive stick on rubber feet I got from a hardware store sometime lying around and I put these on the bottom of the toaster and this will stop it slipping/sliding now on the kitchen worktop

The label underneath the Toaster denotes its made in China for Tesco UK and its rating is 860w @220vAC and 1050w @240vAC the label gives no indication of which firm manufacture it for Tesco’s

Our digital energy meter tells us that it is consuming 960.4w at 232vAC – which isnt too bad , some 2 slice toasters on the market only achieve 700w or 850w – being 960w it should be faster at toasting .

Summary: its a decent enough toaster for the price, its very premium looking, the gloss black finish and the wavy design on the front of the toaster would match perfectly with other black appliances like lack kettles (even if they are from another manufacturer) it does the job , maybe a dearer 2 slice toaster may have a few more features , a rack for the top for heating buns and burgers and maybe a ‘lift n look’ feature where you can check without cancelling , and faster toasting times … but then expect to pay more. For this price bracket its a decent toaster.

Wide Slots
6 Browning Levels
Cool Touch Casing
Crumb Tray
Nice Design
High Lift feature

Only 2 rubber feet
No rack / bun warmer
Buttons on side have a cheap feel

Toasts more on one side than the other
Very small bits of bread are awkward to get out of the toaster even with the high lift feature


Thanks for visiting – if you want to please leave a comment